Managed Services for Fibre Optic Networks

1ServCo provides managed services of installing and maintaining high-speed networks across the UK.
With our technicians in place, you can focus on your business instead of worrying about technology!
The company's team has over 15 years experience working with fibre optic systems which they use to provide best quality services for clients all around United Kingdom.

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Fiber Optic Specialists 

01. Fitted Out Vehicles

We have a provision of qualified engineers in “fitted out vehicles” that deploy fibre optic cable both above and below ground using -  mainly BT Openreach assets 

02. Qualified Suveyors

We provide qualified telecom surveyors to review, check and advise on fibre optic designs

Our people and expertise make the difference!

Survey Scope 


  • Pole and Chamber
  • Walk and confirm
  • Visual Property existing connection
  • Where can CBT (Enclosure to be located)
  • Where is the existing Green cabinet
  • Direction of Swept T
  • How to connect home
  • Asset confirmation
  • Pole label
  • Condition of Pole
  • Replacement location if required
  • Private land or Public ( Office based Admin)
  • Pole count
  • Wire count on each pole
  • Chamber location
  • Chamber condition (Flooded or not) – Cable duct count
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1ServCo provides an innovative, cost-saving service that enables our clients to avoid costly downtime.


Using mapping Data – Open -source QGis along with other licensed Design software e.g. Vectro etc, 1ServCo can take that data and confirm whether the desktop design is correct or whether it needs modifying.